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Hari Ibu

Sempena Hari Ibu tahun ini, Keluarga kami akan mengadakan sebuah perjumpaan. Di bawah tertera butir-butir yang diperlukan.

Tempat: Aloha Loyang Pool Terrace 4
Date : 11 May - 13 May

Disini terdapat peta untuk tempat penginapan.
* Peta Resort
* Susunan Resort
* Jadual Shuttle Service dari Pasir Ris MRT

Semua harap dapat hadir selewat-lewatnya pada 12 May, Jam 3:00 petang. Harap dapat membawa makanan sendiri pada hari itu, seperti dicadangkan, satu keluarga satu juadah makanan. "Pot Luck" Beberapa aktiviti di dalam rumah akan diadakan, sempena menyambut Hari Ibu. Kami, committee members, mengalu-alukan kedatangan semua saudara-mara untuk meraikan acara ini.

P.S: Semua committee members harap dapat hadir pada 11 May, Jam 6:00petang untuk membuat persediaan.

YKeluarga Harmoni
Saturday, April 28, 2007
11:11 PM

Happy Birthday

Selamat Hari Lahir yang ke TIGABELAS; dari semua saudara-mara.

YKeluarga Harmoni
11:04 PM

Happy Birthday

May you succeed in life, with all your wishes coming true.
Study hard, & make your family proud.
Happy Birthday from all of your cousins! :D

YKeluarga Harmoni
Thursday, April 19, 2007
8:51 PM

Hope its ok.

Hope you guys like the new blogskin. Sorry again, i was being plain silly. I hope that with this new fresh skin, you guys are more motivated to blog. Cause it does gives me more motivation. It took me the whole day to do this template ok. And it is still half way done, just need to add in some small other sections to it. Like a Birthday of the month and perhaps, pictures of each member. Do share this blog with our aunts and uncles.

Smiling away,

YKeluarga Harmoni
Monday, April 16, 2007
4:30 AM


Congratulations for making this blog as a portal of communications in our family. Regardless of any topics, we can now air our views through this blog.

As the vice president of the committee, I am suggesting that by Mother's Day chalet the committee should finalized the committee members. Both the recent one like Khairul to be included and their respective post.

Another suggestion will be, having small group meeting(within each sub group) unless there is a need to have every members in the meeting. Actually with this blog as a form of communication, meetings can also be reduced.

One more thing, I would like to have someone who is in charge of activities/games. It will be a very tough job though.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform the committee that starting next month, my time will be very limited as I will continue to take up make up course at Kim Beauty for a duration of approximately 18 months.

So do update this blog regularly and keep the blog alive with all the updates in the family.

I hope that there is unity in the family not having different groups or cliques within the family.

Target set for the year ahead,
1. Family day next year.(if everyone agrees to it)
2. Family motto (dunno how many years and yet we've not come out with one)
3. Family Crest (its good to have one, to signify the unity in the family)

I'm sure if every one in the family plays their part and not depend too much on others, work will be lighter and more enjoyable.

Nurhuda Binte Johari
Vice President

YKeluarga Harmoni
2:22 AM

Minutes of Meetings & Related Info.

Assalammualaikum Semua!

Hoping that all of you people are in best of health & highest in spirit!

I have been trying to look for a good file hosting site that will enable me to upload relavant files or documents(i.e Minutes of meeting, Collection List and etc) here!.. but i am not very sure if the one I found is good.. feedback it to me bout it ya!

Anyway here goes, the minutes of the previous meeting (06th April 07) and also the schedule drawn up by Nasrul for our future collection!

(Click on the Links to download the files, and please wait for it to load.. it may take awhile! Apologies for that!)

  • 060407_minutesofmeeting

  • Committee Members Schedule for Collection

  • Finally, just a gentle reminder, please do not forget to pass Nasrul a photograph of your mom for him to design something for mother's day!

    and I might need updates regarding the 'gift' prices and what are the plan. We need to finalise everything soon.

    Note to Abg Kamal, I hear that the circle-circle cake factory no longer bakes birthday cakes, so what happen to your research on Polar Puff Cake.. -updates please?!

    Lastly, lets give some credits & encouragement to the cucu-cucu nenek:-

    - Congrats! Faizal for his Golden Graduate, and entrance in NUS!! *claps claps*
    - All the best to Aslam & Iza for the entry to polytechnic!! Study Hard and do us proud!
    - For Baby and the others who are going to seat for examinations! All the very Best!! We are all behind you! *Go Go Go*

    Alright, that will be it for now!
    I might have another meeting to finalise the whole Mother's Day thing..
    Will inform you guys if there is any..

    Thats all folks!
    Enjoy the weekends!

    With loads of love,
    Aslyana Abdul Latiff

    YKeluarga Harmoni
    2:22 AM


    Blog ini ditubuhkan oleh cucu-cucu keluarga Sakmah. Ia bertujuan untuk mengeratkan lagi silaturahim antara kita sekeluarga. Semoga usaha murni ini mendapat Rahmat dari Allah S.W.T, InsyaAllah


    Email us for feedbacks and
    suggestions at,


    Y Mother's Day Chalet
        11 May - 13 May


    Y Aslina Bte Abd Latiff
        17 April 1995

    Y Titek Hasinah Bte Samat
        25 April 1994

    Y Rukiah Bte Abd Rahman
        3 May 1952

    Y Salim Bin Saman
        8 May 1961

    Y Zurinah Bte Omar
        8 May 1969

    Y Nurhuda Bte Johari
        9 May 1978 

    Y Nurhidaya Bte Johari
        14 May 1985

    Y Khairul Anwar Bin Jamaludin
        2 June 1994 
    Y Syaathirah Bte Sam
        2 June 1999



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